Work Hard
Play Hard

tpc, we play as hard as we work. From laughable Photoshop projects, to Christmas tree competitions and pot-luck’s, to bonfires at the Coalters’, there’s never a dull moment with this crew because we take the work and fun seriously!


This is MY Kitchenand I'm here to cook.

With my tpc paddle customized for sheer power and my branded wrist bands and socks keeping the sweat at bay, I rule the kitchen by driving untouchable slam shots past every opponent.


Definition of a: PrinterWant some toast with that jam?

[print-er] noun

a machine that can smell fear, so don’t let it know you’re in a hurry.



Fang-TasticFang-tastic OrthodonticsBranded Merchandise with Bite

Seeking an unconventional way to draw in new vampire clients, my printing company designed a gothic advertising for the fangs-friendly services of the new vampire orthodontics lab.


Naughty or Nice?...

tpc Christmas 2023