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Vehicle Graphics

You are going places and so is your vehicle! Vehicle graphics are like your brand’s traveling billboard, reaching potential customers wherever you go. They’re not just static ads – they move and flex with you, making a bold statement and elevating brand visibility along the way.

The Design Process Unveiled

At tpc, our design process for vehicle graphics involves a step-by-step process unique to each client. It all starts with collecting detailed information about the vehicle itself, like its model and any unique features. Then comes the discovery phase, where we delve into our client’s brand identity and industry landscape. We meticulously research their brand and competitors to create disruptive designs that are sure to catch the eye. Our color palette selection and incorporation of logo and branding packages ensure that the wrap effectively communicates the client’s message. For those without a brand image, our designers are armed with years of branding experience and can help our clients develop a logo or brand package.

The Art of Installation

One essential aspect of vehicle wrapping is working with vinyl material. Matt, one of tpc’s vinyl installers, shares that using the correct material is crucial to “consistency and quality.” To install a quality wrap, you need to use quality material, which is why we use vinyl from 3M and Avery Dennison. Wrap material needs to be stretched, molded, and protected while on the road, which is why we print all of our vinyl with stretchy, latex ink. And we don’t rush the lamination or post-heating process either!

With proper care, vinyl wraps can last more than 5 years and are easily replaced. If you decide you don’t want to replace it, rest assured that our team takes care to protect the paint during and after installation.

Unveiling the True Potential of Vehicle Wraps

Brand awareness is the greatest benefit of vehicle graphics. Similar to billboards, vehicle graphics have no demographic restriction. They reach all types of ages, backgrounds, incomes, and professions. Yet, unlike billboards, they are not confined to one area. Vehicle graphics last for years, and are a ‘set and forget’ method of advertising.

Every trip in a bare company vehicle is a missed opportunity. Boasting an extremely low CPM (Cost Per Thousand Impressions) and a high ROI (Return on Investment), compared to others forms of advertisements, vehicle graphics carry some serious weight in the advertising world. Online ads typically cost up to $21 per thousand impressions, while fleet graphics can cost as little as $0.15 per thousand impressions¹. When it comes to ROI, research found that vehicle advertising generates 30,000 – 70,000 daily impressions². This makes them one of the most cost-effective methods of layered advertising.

From concept to installation, the journey of a vehicle wrap is a masterpiece in motion. So, whether increasing overall brand recognition or turning heads on the road, tpc believes an excellent vehicle graphic is a ‘must’. Tpc’s custom vehicle graphic designs, premium materials, and installation service are the perfect way to turn heads and leave lasting impressions.

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